Artist of the Day Eve Brown

Eve says…

From the time I mastered my tricycle – I was interested in creating art. My aunt worked at many US Embassies in Asia and sent me lots of mail. Cards and books would arrive several times a year. Her home movies of the Orient were the highlight of family gatherings. All of it influenced me and my art.

One of a kind greeting cards

I enjoy making one of a kind greeting cards that make their way around the world. Many people have told me confidentially that they frame my cards for themselves after buying or receiving them. That’s the ultimate compliment for me, and I’ve started framing them for sale as well.

After two years at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, I worked for 30 years as a freelance Calligrapher. Returning to school I received a degree in Applied Visual Design. Paper is my medium. Collage being my favorite art form. Greeting cards are like small works of art to me, suitable for framing.



Come to The Art Shoppe to see more of Eve’s cards.

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