Artist of the Day Allie Hafez


Jewelry Artist Allie Hafez writes:

My creative expression is based on these basic principles:

Seraphinite, seed beads on suede backing

Seraphinite, seed beads on suede backing

  1. most projects have to be portable, so I can work on them any time or place that an opportunity presents itself.
  2. most of the necessary tools and equipment have to be small and multi-purpose (not just for my art), and available from more than just art-supply or other specialty stores.
  3. most of the materials I use must be fairly forgiving. That is, I need to be able to back up to an earlier part of the process, or even start over, without wasting materials. I have a vision impairment; plus I can’t make my hands do what I see in written directions or patterns, nor learn from someone else’s demonstration. Until I do it myself, I won’t “get it”. I just have to improvise from my “mind’s eye” and use trial and error to do what I think I see. Therefore, rendering an idea into a finished piece is always an adventure in uncharted territory.


I get inspiration from nature, fabrics, textures, manufactured objects and “out of the blue.” I like to recycle/re-purpose a variety of materials into my art, especially in ways that aren’t obvious to the viewer.

Like many artists, I consider being creative as essential for my emotional well-being. As an Occupational Therapist, I have seen first hand how effective the artistic process can be in helping people overcome challenges and achieve personal goals.

Combining art skills and Occupational Therapy knowledge

I hope to combine my skills as an artist and Occupational Therapist to help people with disabilities in developing countries participate in and contribute to their communities’ development of local arts and crafts businesses. I have a particular interest in paper-based designs, for functional as well as decorative use, and especially if the paper is being recycled in the design process. I have taken courses in “Cardboard Carpentry,” which uses specialized techniques for producing affordable adaptive furniture and assistive devices for people with disabilities.

I blog about my art and things that catch my interest at

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