Meet Christina Kieltyka: Today at the Art Shoppe

Painter and poet Christina Kieltyka is the Art Shoppe’s Artist of the Month.  Meet her today (May 21) from 5:30-7. Learn about her art, her art-making process, and how her life has influenced her work.

Free parking at the Midtown Ramp with a merchant’s stamp.  The Market is a great place to do your holiday food shopping.

Ten Art Shoppe Artists in 2015 Art-a-Whirl (update)

1466189_423633571096711_1112026708_nThe Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association’s 20th Anniversary Art-a-Whirl opens Friday, May 15. Get your Art-a-Whirl map and explore!

Nine of the Art Shoppe’s 90 artist will participate. Greet them when you are Whirling!!!

May 15, 16, 17 (Art-a-Whirl 2015) [Friday 5-10; Saturday noon-8; Sunday noon-5]

1.   Kim Buell, Studio 155 Art-a-Whirl at Northrop King Building (polymer clay, clay, photography)

2.   Megan Funk, aka Starry Night Beadworks, East Side Neighborhood Services Building, NE (jewelry)

3.  Allie Hafez, Art-a-Whirl at the Keg House, 34 13th Avenue NE, (With the Polymer Clay Guild) (polymer clay jewelry)

4.   Carole Hallman, Art-a-Whirl at Northrop King Building, Studio 143 (upcycled clothing)

5.    Susan Gainen, Art-a-Whirl at the Keg House, 34 13th Avenue NE (Whimsical Wildlife paintings, prints, cards, books)

6.    Mary Holland, Art-a-Whirl at the Keg House Arts Building 34 13th Ave NE Ste #108 (hand-dyed sock, jewelry, and papers)

7.     Andrea Martin, Art-a-Whirl at the Grain Belt Bottling House, 79 13th Ave NE. (cut paper)

8.    Danielle Mates, Art-a-Whirl at Dangerous Man Brewing, 157 13th Ave NE (children’s clothing)

9.    Megan Moore,, Northrup King Building #423 (oil and watercolor paintings, prints, cards)

10.   Heather Tinkam, Studio 155 Art-a-Whirl at Northrop King Building (clay and ceramics)

Art Shoppe Artists in shows in May

April 30-May 22

Wendy Benson, 2015 ART OF POSSIBILITIES: the Courage Kenny International Art Show & Sale, Opening Reception: April 30, 2015, 5:30-8 p.m. , Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, 3915 Golden Valley Road,Minneapolis, MN 55422.

May 29-30

Northstar Watermedia Society Artists’ Market, Fine Arts Building, MN State Fair Grounds
Susan Gainen

May 28
Susan Gainen, Arts Cafe at Struthers’ Parkinsons Center (demo and storytelling)

May 15, 16, 17 (Art-a-Whirl 2015) [Friday 5-10; Saturday noon-8; Sunday noon-5]
Megan Funk, aka Starry Night Beadworks, East Side Neighborhood Services Building, NE Mpls
Susan Gainen, Art-a-Whirl at the Keg House, 34 13th Avenue NE, Minneapolis
Megan Moore,, Northrup King Building #423

May 8-9 Pottery at the Friends’ School Plant Sale, MN State Fairgrounds
Kathryn Rosebear Pottery, 20% benefit to the school


Artist of the Day Pamela Kirton

Barn Owl

Barn Owl

Pamela Kirton is an award-winning illustrator who grew up in Bloomington.  She has worked as an illustrator in London, England and locally.

Her Birds, a mission and a passion

Her private work, the Birds, began one winter as an observation at her backyard bird feeder. While most Minnesota birds are humble — even drab in color– they became more and more precious to Pamela.

Soon they were beautiful as if they had been hatched from Faberge eggs. It became her mission to honor them in that vision.

From top to bottom: Eastern Meadowlark, Barn Owl, Anna’s Hummingbird, Goldfinch.

Artist of the Day Christina Kieltyka

Christina Kieltyka: an acrylic painter

Christina is the Artist-on-the-Wall at the Art Shoppe for May and June. Join her for an informative (and fun!) Meet-and-Greet on May 21 from 5:30 – 7 p.m. You will get to see a wide range of Christina’s art because the Wall Artist’s work is displayed on our North Wall, in a niche by the register, in a print rack, and in cards.
Remember: 90 minutes of free parking at the Ramp with a Merchants’ Stamp.  

About Christina’s art

I have always been deeply influenced by my relationship with nature. Now that I am handicapped, my interactions have become both more planned and more difficult.
My paintings deal with that physical separation of senses, having to see my beloved trees through the windows of memory and longing. 
These days subject matter includes teapots and tables and cups and cats and crows, sometimes flowers – comfort food for the soul. Blessed be.


Artist of the Day Lee Schultz

From Lee Schultz: color, texture, shiny things

I am drawn to color, texture, and shiny things. Therefore, my jewelry has a lot of those elements in it. I love the way silver reflects the light and at the same time, I also adore making copper turn color with a torch….. voila….patina.

Last but not least,  texture.

Texture from wires, from rivets, from swirls, and weaving. Just for good measure I’ll make a lampwork bead, or a bit of enamel, and add that to the mix. I let the pieces play together and come up with a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. The name of my jewelry, Amorini, loosely means cherubs. It also happens to be the letters of my angelic grandchildren mixed together.  Both alike, a mixture of beautiful pieces.

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Art Shoppe Author Amoke Kubat Featured in MN Women’s Press.

Searching for Shared Truths: the making of a play

Amoke Kubat received a 2015 Minnesota State Arts Board Cultural Community Partnership Grant to write and perform her first nontraditional play “Angry Black Woman” and “Well Intentioned White Girl.”

Watch this space and the Minnesota Women’s Press for the dates for this production, slated for October 2015 at Intermedia Arts. This innovative presentation will address issues that create and maintain the barriers for black and white women to be natural allies, as mothers, healers, artists, community organizers, especially in these times of wars against women.

MIssing Mama Amoke Kubat

MIssing Mama Amoke Kubat

She is an emerging artist, blogger (blogher-amokekubat), retired special education teacher, founder of YO MAMA: The Mothering Mothers Institute and author of “Missing Mama: My Story of Loss, Sorrow and Healing.” She lives in Minneapolis.

Missing Mama: My Story of Loss, Sorrow and Healing is available at The Art Shoppe at Midtown Global Market.

Art Shoppe Artists: a sampler