Meet Diane May: Super Hero Face Painter



“Why do I do it?”

Because it is a very interactive form of art.  I enjoy talking to whoever is sitting in my chair and finding out what they want and then we create it together.  Because I am an artist, I don’t have to paint exactly what is on my boards.  Sometimes I use my smart phone to get references or sometimes I have to create something that has never been made before.  If you can’t decide between Batman or a unicorn, I will make you a Batman Unicorn.  The same holds true for a princess zombie.

“How do I do it?”

I have been painting and drawing for over forty years.  I started taking lessons on how to paint with acrylic paint when I was 10 years old.  In college I learned how to paint with both oil and watercolor paints.  I earned both a Bachelor of Science in Fine Art and a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education.
My husband writes comic books and always shows at our local Minnesota St Paul Comic Book Associations Comic Con held at the State Fair Grounds in the Spring and Fall.  When our son was old enough to write and draw his own comics to sell at that show, I got a table as well so all of us could be together as creators for the event.
I started calling myself “The Superhero Face-Painter” because I helped people cos-play for the event by providing them with Superhero and Super-villian face-paints.  By far, the most popular design is Batman, but I did create a lot of “Rocket Racoons” and “Groots” which are characters from “Guardians of The Galaxy” this Spring-Con.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

People ask me how to draw and paint better and I tell them they need to practice, practice, practice.  First by drawing shapes and lines on a paper, getting your designs worked out (try to do all of one color at a time as long as you have it on your brush) and then you can practice painting them on your own arm.  I also tell them face-painting is a lot like painting on a canvas except that your canvas is curved and moves and talks back to you.



Finding The Super Hero Face Painter

I work in The Art Shoppe on Wednesdays from 10am to 4pm and while I am there, I face-paint.  People also hire me for birthdays, carnivals, open houses, graduations, etc.

I show at the Eastside Open Market on Thursday nights from 4 to 8pm.  This local market is at 463 Maria Avenue in St Paul and is hosted by the First Lutheran Church of St Paul.  Shop local, help your neighbors, and make a difference!

I have been hired to face-paint for 2 hours in the children’s area of the “Art In The Hollow” June 6th from 11:30 to 1:30pm.  “Art in the Hollow” is located down in picturesque Swede Hollow Park.  You can park in the Hope Academy parking lot at the corner of Minnehaha and Payne Avenue and walk down into the park at the Drewery Lane Tunnel.  In case of rain, the event will be held inside the Hope Academy.

July 3rd and 4th I will have a tent at the popular Little Mekong Night Market.  The Night Market is on University Avenue at Western in St Paul and runs from 5pm to midnight.

I will also be face-painting at the Festa Italiana July 17 and 18th on Harriet Island in St Paul.  For my full schedule I post it on my website,

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