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The Art Shoppe Managers – Artist Statements

Carla Brown
I have always enjoyed making artistic creations.  I made leather purses when I was a teenager and sold them to local stores.  I enjoy making things that others enjoy using.  I love beauty and color.  I began creating jewelry pieces in the past ten years.  I enjoy working with gemstones and other natural materials to make unique jewelry creations.  

Kim Buell
I have been working with polymer clay for over 25 years.  It is a very versatile, lightweight, strong craft clay, that comes in many colors.  This allows me to mix colors like a paint pallet and also add colors to the clay, in the form of paints, inks, powders, metal leaf, etc.  It also takes texture well.  I love creating unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces by using many different techniques.  Lately I have started to explore creating small sculptures and vessels, incorporating found objects and beads to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

I love taking pictures.  I find a lot of my inspiration for my polymer creations in nature.  Since I started going to the UP nine years ago, I’ve been taken by Lake Superior and the unique landscape.  I make original photo cards and prints from these photos and other locations you may recognize.

Gayla Ellis
I am a photographer who likes to find the magic in things. Art is transformative. Exploring various realms of photography inspires and sustains me. In addition to framing my photos and making photo cards, I have created and performed slide shows with musicians, poets, storytellers, and singers. Singer-songwriter Barb Tilsen and I have performed musical slide shows with environmental, community, peace and justice, or visual journey themes. We worked with children to inspire them to create, illustrate, and perform shows with their drawings. She and I joined various artists to create concerts, including puppeteer Margo McCreary and mime artist Steve Budas. Roy McBride and I performed a poem-photo show about Lake Street. I love collaboration. It is the thread running through the Art Shoppe’s cooperative of local artists, and I am honored to be a part of this venture.

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Artist Contacts (this is a partial list of artists affiliated with the shop)

Arntson, Mary. Jewelry. Mary Ellen Designs.  612-791-8567. Accepts commissions, especially for team-colored leather bracelets.

Brody, Nora. Jewelry. aquaria designs.  612 986 5267. Accepts commissions.

Brown, Eve. Limited edition greeting cards, hand cut and folded from imported papers. 651.451.3197.

Gainen, Susan. Whimsical Wildlife Documentarian. Watercolor. Mixed Media. Author.  651.917.0219. Accepts commissions.

Golden, Jymme. Drawing & Pastel Painting.,  612.272.3641. Accepts commissions.

Hafez, Allie. Jewelry. OTIWA. / 612.567.7149

Hallman, Carole. Wearable Art. Delightfully Dyed. Northrup King Building, 1500 Jackson St. Studio 143, Minneapolis, Mn. 55413

Kieltyka, Christina. Painting.   612.250.8569

Kubat, Amoke. Writer, performance artist, community Elder. 612.702.5797.

May, Diane. Painter. 651.295.4056. Accepts commissions.

Moore, Megan. Painting, oil and watercolor. Accepts commissions.

Thompson, Tracie. Painter in oil and mixed media.; on Facebook as Tracie Thompson’s Studio. 763.432.6476. Accepts commissions.