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CANCELLED Amoke Kubat to read at the Art Shoppe

CANCELLED  Friday June 10, 5:30-7 pm

Amoke Kubat is recovering from a car accident and has cancelled tonight’s reading. Please send her your best wishes for recovery. Her voice is needed at the upcoming women’s conference in Washington DC (and, back at The Art Shoppe when she’s better.)

In the meantime, READ HER BOOK!

Missing Mama – a chronicle of loss, sorry & healing

IA16_IMG_AmokeKubatAmoke Kubat — Twin Cities based author, playwright, community organizer and Revered Wise Elder will read from Missing Mama at the Art Shoppe at Midtown Global Market on Friday night, June 10 from 5:30-7.

This stunning coming of age story chronicles the journey of a motherless black girl from childhood to young womanhood with clarity and grace. Much has been written about the effect of missing fathers, this book opens a door to understanding the effect of missing mothers.

Missing Mama Amoke Kubat

Missing Mama by Amoke Kubat

The Art Shoppe at Midtown Global Market

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Amoke Kubat: Reading at The Art Shoppe

IA16_IMG_AmokeKubatThe Art Shoppe is honored to welcome Amoke Kubat, author, playwright, performance artist, community elder, and activist who will read from her book Missing Mama at The Art Shoppe at Friday June 10 at 5:30 p.m.

MIssing Mama Amoke Kubat

Missing Mama by Amoke Kubat

Amoke Kubat: Author, Activist and Community Elder

She will read and share her wisdom. Mark your calendar!

Authors & Illustrators at the Art Shoppe

Authors and Illustrators

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Carline Bengtsson (cookbook author), Karen Caldwell (author & illustrator), Julia Damaris (poetry), Susan Gainen (author & illustrator), Franklin Haws (illustrator), Amoke Kubat (storytelling), Megan Moore (illustrator), Powderhorn (an amazing Minneapolis  neighborhood), Naima Richmond (story telling).

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Mother’s Day at the Art Shoppe

90 Minnesota Artists

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Performance Added: Angry Black Woman and Well Intentioned White Girl

2 pm show added on April 30!!


Amoke Kubat

Check out the Facebook event page:

From Amoke Kubat:

Nicole M. Smith and I were fellows in Intermedia Arts’ Creative Community Leadership Institute (CCLI) the 2010-2011. I was still a Special Education teacher, burning out and wondering if I’d ever get to doing my art: writing. I struggled with and expressed even seeing myself as an artist. Nicole reminded me that I had said this, ” I don’t know about being an artist but as I enter this last leg of my life, I’m gonna tear some s**t up!” Oh, be careful what you say!! I am on a crusade to dismantle MINNESOTA NICE”. I am advocating for being real and truth telling – none of us are FREE.

Amoke Kubat Presents “Angry Black Woman and Well Intentioned White Girl”


“Stereotypes about Black Women and White Women RIP (Radically Imagined Perspective)!”

Amoke Kubat and Intermedia Arts present ANGRY BLACK WOMAN and Well Intentioned White Girl


Amoke Kubat

Amoke Kubat – writer and performance artist

Amoke Kubat is an emerging writer and performance artist, and a recipient of a 2015 Cultural Community Partnership Award from the Minnesota State Arts Board, and a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

She collaborated with Jennifer Johnson and Nicole M Smith to present this work that addresses the twin burdens of “angry black woman” and “well intentioned white girl.”

April 30 – 2 shows  —  7:30 p.m. SOLD OUT

2 p.m. show added!

The Art Shoppe at Midtown Global Market congratulates Amoke Kubat and all of her collaborators.


Art Shoppe Author Amoke Kubat Featured in MN Women’s Press.

Searching for Shared Truths: the making of a play

Amoke Kubat received a 2015 Minnesota State Arts Board Cultural Community Partnership Grant to write and perform her first nontraditional play “Angry Black Woman” and “Well Intentioned White Girl.”

Watch this space and the Minnesota Women’s Press for the dates for this production, slated for October 2015 at Intermedia Arts. This innovative presentation will address issues that create and maintain the barriers for black and white women to be natural allies, as mothers, healers, artists, community organizers, especially in these times of wars against women.

MIssing Mama Amoke Kubat

MIssing Mama Amoke Kubat

She is an emerging artist, blogger (blogher-amokekubat), retired special education teacher, founder of YO MAMA: The Mothering Mothers Institute and author of “Missing Mama: My Story of Loss, Sorrow and Healing.” She lives in Minneapolis.

Missing Mama: My Story of Loss, Sorrow and Healing is available at The Art Shoppe at Midtown Global Market.

Artist (Writer) of the Day Amoke Kubat

Missing Mama
Missing Mama

 Missing Mama: My Story of Loss, Sorrow and Healing

I learned that I have internalized grief and sorrow as intrinsically as I have internalized racism, sexism, classism, and other forms of oppression. I was on a healing journey. This is my story.

 Writer, artist, community elder and Life Coach

Amoke Kubat, M.Ed, is a writer, artist, community elder, and Life Coach. She is a Minnesota Special Education teacher holding licenses in Learning Disabilities, Cognitive Developmental Delays, Emotional Behavior Disorders, and Early Childhood special Education.

She was born Patricia Ann Davis in Los Angeles, California in 1950 into a family of educators and entrepreneurs. In 1953 her mother’s tragic death began her nomadic lifestyle. She revolved through many caretakers and many schools. Teachers instilled in her a passion for reading, writing, learning languages, and travelling.

London and Heidelberg

Amoke’s curiosity lead her to live in London and Heidelberg in the early 70’s. In London, using her southern roots cooking and sensibilities, she opened up a Free Café, serving Bar-B-Q, beans and cornbread. She was also an artists’ model, Tea Lady, and News Film Librarian. Amoke acted in an independent film, and married a man from (then) Czecholovakia. She returned to the USA to raise a family.

Back to school

After a variety of work that included The German National Tourist Board and The Los Angeles Olympics, Amoke returned to school to earn undergraduate degrees in Feminist Studies and Creative Writing, and Masters in Special Education. She taught for the Los Angeles and Pasadena Unified School District. She loved working for middle and high school students with learning and physical disabilities. It was her work with preschool and kindergarten students at Barton Elementary School in Long Beach that Amoke found her sweet spot.

She would get a Specialist Credential for Early Childhood special Education from California state College at Dominguez Hills in 2000. She also moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Work with special needs children

In the mid-90’s Amoke worked as a Consultant to Early Childhood Day Care and Home providers addressing the needs of children identified as having special needs. Amoke began to write and published in the Association for the Education of Young Children’s publication, NEWS.

In 2004, Amoke founded Respondability, Inc. As a graduate of the Twin Cities META INSTITUTE, she provided life coaching services as a certified NLP, HNLP, Master Hypnotist and Reiki practioner.


In 2008, Respondability, Inc transformed into the umbrella company for LIVINGWOMB CEREMONIES and YO MAMA: The Mothering Mothers Institute.

LIVINGWOMB CEREMONIES provides holisitic wellness services to women through rituals that evoke the divine feminine energies. YO MAMA: THE MOTHERING MOTHERS INSTITUTE creates opportunities for increasing health literacy through art and education. It is “Where Healthy Mothers Raise Healthy Children”.

In January and April, 2010 Amoke published in the Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing.

First book

In February, 2012, RESPONDABILITY, INC published, Missing Mama: My Story of Loss, Sorrow and Healing. It is her first book. It is the first in a trilogy about loss, grief and recovery


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