Ten Percent Monday

Ten Percent off Everything on Mondays

We could have a long and complicated conversation about why 10 percent and not 12 percent of 8 percent. Frankly, I don’t know the answer.

What’s important about 10 percent?

First, it’s an easy-to-remember number.

Second, it is a significant discount.

Third, art from the Art Shoppe is original and unique, and all made by Minnesota artists and we want to share it with you.  Here is a selection:

Cats of Art Shoppe Artists

Art Shoppe Artists’ Cats

You won’t be surprised to learn that some Art Shoppe Artists are cat lovers or cat keepers, or servants of cats. Here is some of their work. Come to the Shoppe in Midtown Global Market to find many, many more fascinating cats.

Susan Gainen (Pinky the First from the Clowder of Cats); Bonnie Somdahl (Needlefelting: 2 crazy cats); Christina Kieltyka (Thunder); Andrea Martin (Paper cutting).

Tracie Thompson (Frick and Frack); Karen Caldwell, author (Things I learned from my cat); Michelle Lee Lagerros (kids’ clothing); Anda Moettus (cards).


Tracie Thompson (I expect you to die, Mr. Bond); Tom Cornish (Fused Glass Cat Pin);  Megan Moore (Philadelphia Window); Kip Shane (Isabella).

Karen Caldwell (Cat Face); Kim Buell (Amber on Bill’s Arm); Peter Elvidge (Cat of Two Sights); Pamela Kirton (Bombay).

Christina Kieltyka (Cat); Susan Gainen (Blue Cat from the Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul); Kip Shane (Bastet, photo); Diane May (Snoopy.)

Don’t forget: 1-1/2 hours of free parking with a merchants’ stamp. 10% off everything every Monday.

AND 20% off all clothing: September 14-18.


Mother’s Day at the Art Shoppe

90 Minnesota Artists

Stop by The Art Shoppe if your Mother might like jewelry (large and small, leather bracelets, marbled leather earrings, fused glass jewelry, watch-part jewelry, necklaces, beaded necklaces and bracelets, polymer clay earrings and necklaces, rings, bracelets and more), clothing, paintings or prints, needlefelted creatures, magnets, photographs, glass work (blown glass and fused glass),bookmarks, suncatchers, walking and talking sticks, wine stoppers, ceramics (plates, bowls, cups, masks), and lots, lots more.

A store full of unique, one of a kind items

10% off everything on every Monday

The Art Shoppe. Quietly. 20% off everything (except books)

Not wanting to point fingers (real or virtual) at the merchants (brick and mortar or on-line) who are sending out notices of hot, hyper, super, super-super, BLOW out! sales, we at the Art Shoppe are quietly offering 20% off everything except books until the Shoppe closes on Sunday at 6 p.m.

Come to the Midtown Global Market for food-unrelated-to-turkey and then visit The Art Shoppe to see the work of 90 local artists.

Meet Christina Kieltyka: Today at the Art Shoppe

Painter and poet Christina Kieltyka is the Art Shoppe’s Artist of the Month.  Meet her today (May 21) from 5:30-7. Learn about her art, her art-making process, and how her life has influenced her work.

Free parking at the Midtown Ramp with a merchant’s stamp.  The Market is a great place to do your holiday food shopping.

Artist of the Day Christina Kieltyka

Christina Kieltyka: an acrylic painter

Christina is the Artist-on-the-Wall at the Art Shoppe for May and June. Join her for an informative (and fun!) Meet-and-Greet on May 21 from 5:30 – 7 p.m. You will get to see a wide range of Christina’s art because the Wall Artist’s work is displayed on our North Wall, in a niche by the register, in a print rack, and in cards.
Remember: 90 minutes of free parking at the Ramp with a Merchants’ Stamp.  

About Christina’s art

I have always been deeply influenced by my relationship with nature. Now that I am handicapped, my interactions have become both more planned and more difficult.
My paintings deal with that physical separation of senses, having to see my beloved trees through the windows of memory and longing. 
These days subject matter includes teapots and tables and cups and cats and crows, sometimes flowers – comfort food for the soul. Blessed be.