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Stop by The Art Shoppe if your Mother might like jewelry (large and small, leather bracelets, marbled leather earrings, fused glass jewelry, watch-part jewelry, necklaces, beaded necklaces and bracelets, polymer clay earrings and necklaces, rings, bracelets and more), clothing, paintings or prints, needlefelted creatures, magnets, photographs, glass work (blown glass and fused glass),bookmarks, suncatchers, walking and talking sticks, wine stoppers, ceramics (plates, bowls, cups, masks), and lots, lots more.

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Artist of the Day Heather Tinkham

Heather Tinkham Car-art-bead

Heather Tinkham Car-art-bead

From Heather:

I see the act of making as a human need that speaks deeply to our unique and wonderful souls. At its best, art is a way to bring more beauty, joy, honesty, and authenticity in to a world that is increasingly busy and chaotic.

Art for our bodies and our homes.

My work extends the idea of art destined for gallery walls in to our everyday lives, as Artwear for both our bodies and our homes.



Art’s vital life lessons

Art as a practice includes vital lessons about experimentation, learning, failing, expression, discovery, analysis, and observation that share much with the sciences. My education has spanned IT, business, theater, and organizational behavior, allowing me to see firsthand the overlap in skills among fields that are typically seen as opposites. I pull as much from my doctoral training in research as I do from my communications and design exercises in theater when I explore new ideas in my art. For me, life is about the balanced systems of opposites that sustain growth and evolution rather than any single best solution.

Heather Tinkham Earrings

Heather Tinkham Earrings

Mixed media. Mixed Materials. 

That view, combined with years of study in media ranging from metal to clay to fibers, has led me to mix materials as needed to express the feelings and ideas that make up my pieces.

I love supporting other artisans and makers, so I also incorporate hand spun and hand dyed fibers from small producers as well as lampwork and ceramic art beads. I feel that each of these layers adds to the richness and complexity of the pieces, reflecting the way life evolves and we emerge as individuals.