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New work: Junior Williams

Junior Williams came to Minnesota from Jamaica. Clearly, he brought Jamaica with him in his colorful paintings.

tree 1

New Work: Pamela Kirton

Pamela Kirton fills her images with designs created from fabric designs in her computer from her previous work as a fabric designer. Her cats and other creatures are digital pieced patchwork. Think about that!


Junior Williams: meet him Friday Jan 8, 5:30-7

Junior Williams brought his brilliantly-colored work to The Art Shoppe in late 2015, and he will be the Artist-on-the-Wall in January and February 2016. Meet him at The Art Shoppe on Friday January 8 from 5:30-7.

Thatch House

“Thatch House” is a flashback on lots of people in any culture who live or have lived in poverty.  “I sketched this from memory, living a Caribbean lifestyle. It is a reminder of my past,” he said.



How he makes art

Junior begins each canvas with a vision or an idea, and then he sketches and paints. He uses pencil, canvas, acrylic paint, and really good brushes.


Painting since he was 13

Junior began painting when he was 13. He became a professional artist and works hard on the detail of each piece.  He paints portraits of people and of wood carvings, and accepts commissions.


Peter Tosh

Favorite art-making tools

It’s a tie between a good pencil and really good brushes.



Why he makes art

He says “I make art because it’s all I ever wanted to do, all I want to do. I love it, and it makes me relax.”