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Just a sample of 24 of 100 artists.


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The Art Shoppe Celebrates Monday: 10% off

With the work of more than 90 Minnesota Artists, the Art Shoppe at Midtown Global Market is well-stocked with original and unique art. Come to Midtown Global Market, decide which among the many terrific food vendors for your lunch, and show for art at The Art Shoppe.

Mother’s Day at the Art Shoppe

90 Minnesota Artists

Stop by The Art Shoppe if your Mother might like jewelry (large and small, leather bracelets, marbled leather earrings, fused glass jewelry, watch-part jewelry, necklaces, beaded necklaces and bracelets, polymer clay earrings and necklaces, rings, bracelets and more), clothing, paintings or prints, needlefelted creatures, magnets, photographs, glass work (blown glass and fused glass),bookmarks, suncatchers, walking and talking sticks, wine stoppers, ceramics (plates, bowls, cups, masks), and lots, lots more.

A store full of unique, one of a kind items

10% off everything on every Monday

New Artist Marilyn Morrison: Steampunk Robots

For you or a friend? Whether you are a Steampunk fan, an obsessed Steampunker, or infused with Whimsy, put Marilyn Morrison‘s Steampunk Robots on your list.

The Robots, the Airplane and the Birdhouse are irresistible. I know, because I wanted to play with them instead of taking their pictures.

Steampunk Gift Idea

A box of Marilyn Morrison’s Steampunk Robots and a collection of the nine novels that defined Steampunk.