More new work at the Art Shoppe!

When more than 90 artists in the Art Shoppe sharing space at the Midtown Global Market, it should surprise no one that new work comes in all the time.

Come to the Market.

Stop for the food, knowing that if you leave hungry it’s your fault, and then come to the Art Shoppe!


Tracie Thompson: Prints, Cards (The Big Meowski); Susan Gainen (Mosaic States and Neighborhoods); Pamela Kirton: Prints Cards of Digital Pieced Patchwork; Keegan Xavi Prints Cards.


LuAnn Kinzer: Textiles; Lee Schultz: Prints; Kim Buell: Ceramics; Carla Brown Zip Pulls & Key Chains.

Johnna Morrow: prints, cards, fused glass; Jennifer Kunin: prints, small books; Diane May: prints, cards; Anda Moettus: cards


10% off every Monday. 1-1/2 hours free parking in the ramp with a merchant stamp.

The Art Shoppe. Quietly. 20% off everything (except books)

Not wanting to point fingers (real or virtual) at the merchants (brick and mortar or on-line) who are sending out notices of hot, hyper, super, super-super, BLOW out! sales, we at the Art Shoppe are quietly offering 20% off everything except books until the Shoppe closes on Sunday at 6 p.m.

Come to the Midtown Global Market for food-unrelated-to-turkey and then visit The Art Shoppe to see the work of 90 local artists.

Artist of the Day Pamela Kirton

Barn Owl

Barn Owl

Pamela Kirton is an award-winning illustrator who grew up in Bloomington.  She has worked as an illustrator in London, England and locally.

Her Birds, a mission and a passion

Her private work, the Birds, began one winter as an observation at her backyard bird feeder. While most Minnesota birds are humble — even drab in color– they became more and more precious to Pamela.

Soon they were beautiful as if they had been hatched from Faberge eggs. It became her mission to honor them in that vision.

From top to bottom: Eastern Meadowlark, Barn Owl, Anna’s Hummingbird, Goldfinch.