The Art Shoppe. Quietly. 20% off everything (except books)

Not wanting to point fingers (real or virtual) at the merchants (brick and mortar or on-line) who are sending out notices of hot, hyper, super, super-super, BLOW out! sales, we at the Art Shoppe are quietly offering 20% off everything except books until the Shoppe closes on Sunday at 6 p.m.

Come to the Midtown Global Market for food-unrelated-to-turkey and then visit The Art Shoppe to see the work of 90 local artists.

Congrats to Karen Caldwell and Pam Kirton

Huzzah! Two Art Shoppe Artists just won “Wet Paint Purchase Awards” at the LAS show at the A-Z Gallery in Lowertown in Saint Paul, MN.

wetpaintaward2015LASshowKaren Caldwell

Karen Caldwell, an internationally collected award winning artist in painting and masks. She is the author of the award-winning Things I learned from my cat.

LAS Oct 2015

Pamela Kirton

Pamela Kirton is an award-winning artist, designer, and fashion illustrator who has developed innovative “digital pieced patchwork” designs.

Congratulations Pam Kirton and Karen Caldwell: St. Paul Art Crawl Media Winners

Karen Cauldwell and Pamela Kirton, two Art Shoppe artists, have been honored as Media Winners for the 2015 Fall St. Paul Art Crawl.

Karen Caldwell

Karen is a painter. Find her work on cards and prints, on pillowcases, and author of the award-winning Things I Learned From My Cat.

If you stare at something long enough it will move.

If you stare at something long enough, it will move.

Pamela Kirton

Pamela Kirton is an award-winning artist, designer, and fashion illustrator. Bombay (below) is made in a particularly innovative style. Using her library of fabric designs, she created “digital pieced patchwork.” Look closely. It’s an amazing technique.