Pat Spinosa – Photographer of Magic of Science and Visuality

Pat Spinosa Photographs Magic

Pat Spinosa is a photographer who makes magic. In her work, at the intersection of science and visuality, she creates new and beautiful worlds with un-retouched photography of ice and water.

A vast collection of her pieces is on the wall in The Art Shoppe until the end of February 2018. Don’t miss it.




Art Shoppe Housekeeping

The Art Shoppe, located on the Lake Street side of the Midtown Global Market for almost seven years, has six owners and 90 artist-consignors. Each artist is a Minnesotan, and every piece is made in Minnesota by a Minnesota artist. The Shoppe is open 7 days. Every Monday, every item except books, CDs and calendars, is 10% off.

Cats of the Art Shoppe #1

Many Art Shoppe artists are unabashed cat lovers, and they enthusiastically create cat images. Most of the artists are kept (ruled, bossed) by cats who direct their photography and participate in their art projects. This is the first Cats of the Art Shoppe post. More will follow!

Of course these images are for sale!

Kim Buell’s Cats

Neither of these cats belong to Kim. The Black and White cat belongs to a neighbor who has more than a dozen. This is the only one willing to pose. The Cat The Shadow belongs to her friend Bill.


Kip Shane’s Cats

Bastet — the City Kitty, has the most astonishing green eyes. Unless, of course, you find Bella’s eyes mesmerizing. Kip has both a magic camera and two cats eager to pose.


10% off on Mondays

Stop in to see more Cat Art!


Meet Pamela Veeder April 1 – 5:30 -7 p.m.

Celebrate Creative Spark with Pamela Veeder

Raindrops on Glory

Raindrops on Glory

Ask Pamela Veeder about her creative process

I have been lucky. Creativity in any form has always been expected and encouraged.

Reflections on Science

Reflections on Science

“This artwork is one expression of my spark.”

Learn more about her “blend of urban and rural that gives her work a unique perspective.”

Pamela currently co-hosts Open Flow Forum, a First Thursday event, in cooperation with VSA Minnesota. In 2011, she produced the critically acclaimed No Change of Address for the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

She is a Board Member Emeritus with the Minnesota Theater Association of Community Theatres (MACT) and she served on the Central Minnesota Arts Board for many years.

carousel duo

Carousel Duo


Meet Kim Buell: Photography, Polymer Clay & Mixed Media

At the Art Shoppe!
November 19, 2015

During the past 20 years, Kim Buell has worked with her hands making art that is inspired by nature, people, and everyday experiences.

During this Meet & Greet, Kim will answer everyone’s questions about her photography, her process, and her inspirations from nature. She will also talk about the jewelry and other objects that she creates from various forms of clay.

The Art Shoppe’s North Wall is full of Kim’s photographs. Come and see them.

Kim Buell, Photographer

Kim Buell, photographer

Artist of the Day Todd Miller, Photographer


I was born and raised on the shore of Lake Superior in Duluth, MN.  I’ve lived in Minneapolis since 1984.  In these past thirty years I’ve shot images of iconic landmarks and famous sites in various cities and countries.  Always fascinated by architecture and nature, but mostly by color and texture.

Manhattan From the Brooklyn Bridge, 2012

Manhattan From the Brooklyn Bridge, 2012

Awards and Shows

My work has earned a 5th Place, three 3rd Place and last year 1st Place for Manipulated Photography by the American Arts Awards as juried by 25 national galleries.  My work is permanently displayed in the lobby of the Uptown Theater, Mpls. MN, in the conference room of Target Corp. Mpls, MN, in the Recreation Center of Loring Park, Mpls. MN, as well as other professional settings.  I exhibit my work in two-four locations monthly and have donated many pieces to charities for fundraising.

Hobby into Passion

I strive to present positive and lighthearted messages in my work.  Simplicity and balance are very important in the composition of my work.  I have met so many wonderful people through the sales and on-line input I receive and am grateful to be able to enjoy watching what once was a hobby become a passion.

Todd Miller
Facebook: phoTODDgraphy

Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis, 2011

Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis, 2011


Twins Stadium Construction 2009

Twins Stadium Construction 2009

 Current shows  Pizza Nea, my work hangs there ongoing.  Espresso Royale Dinkytown, my work hangs there through April.