Over 70 Unique Minnesota Artists

The Art Shoppe at Midtown Global Market in south Minneapolis is a cooperative of local artists. About 70 Minnesota artists provide an array of work, including jewelry, visual art, and fabric items. The shop offers items directly from the artist to the customer, and artists manage the shop.

The Art Shoppe’s mission is to provide a viable business place for local Minnesota artists to display and sell their work, gain business and marketing skills, and mentor and empower each other to increase artists’ exposure and income.  We promote opportunities for a diverse community of artists.


Covid-19 Update

The Art Shoppe was one of the businesses in the Midtown Global Market that were forced closed in mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We followed the state “shelter at home” guidelines during this time. In addition to the virus threat, the market survived the riots, looting, and fires that happened on Lake Street and other areas of the Twin Cities following the police murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020.  The security at MGM was alert and as a result was able to keep the damage to a minimum. 
The Midtown Global Market re-opened on Saturday, July 18th, 2020. The Art Shoppe was able to open due to generous donations from supporters for revenue lost during the shutdown. We have reduced our hours, but we have volunteer artists who will staff those days. (See above schedule.)
We will still need and welcome contributions. If you are able to contribute to our “GoFundMe” campaign, please use the link shown below.  If you are unable to contribute but want to help, please share the link with friends and family and also share on your media platforms.  Check the link here or on our Facebook page for updates.
With your help, we hope to keep the store open. The Art Shoppe at the Midtown Global Market has been supporting artists and bringing local handmade art to the Twin Cities community since 2011. We rely on shoppers and donors for our success.

The Art Shoppe at Midtown Global Market is proud to announce a new exhibit: Group Show 2020

This new exhibit features the art and photography of Kim Buell, Gayla Ellis, Tara Innmon, Pamela Kirton, and Diane Michele May. The exhibit runs from February 1st to March 31st.  Due to the temporary closing of the shop due to Covid-19, the exhibit will be available for viewing when the shop re-opens.
Stop in today to see the new exhibit and do some shopping! Prints and cards of featured art are available for sale in the shop. Mondays enjoy 10% off all merchandise.



Artist statements

Kim Buell – I’ve been a Minnesota resident all my life. Art has always been in my life. I was raised by two parents who worked in the arts, and I have older siblings who are artists.

I have always worked with my hands – glass blowing, pottery, mosaics, and for the past twenty years I’ve worked with polymer clay, creating unique jewelry. I’m inspired by many things in my life: nature, people, and everyday experiences.

Art keeps me moving forward physically and mentally and helps me to stay present, allowing me to enjoy life to its fullest.

Gayla Ellis – I explore what the world presents to me. Art is transformative. It can change how we understand ourselves and others. Revealing life through photography sustains me and inspires me to continue to seek images of the world around us – with a mix of humor and compassion.

Tara Innmon – I wanted to show what the world looks like to a person who is losing vision and how the feelings of grief and anger lead to transformation and acceptance. The definition of beauty changes from colored visual images to that of shape and texture.” She adds: “Many of my images are from my dreams. I have good recall of my dreams and have been documenting them for 30 years. Many of these dreams were transformational and the images seem archetypal.

Pamela Kirton – I began my illustration career as a fashion illustrator here in the cities and later in London, England. Working for newspapers meant that those illustrations were done in ink. I start everything with an ink sketch. My bird’s collection was born from a desire to honor them for staying through our harsh Minnesota winters. I used my bundle of textiles, embroidery, and papers as my palette for my ink drawings of my favored birds. Each bird is a character in a story that we can identify with.

Diane Michele May – I love to showcase places that are special to me and objects that have a unique beauty to them.

My husband proposed to me at Minnehaha Falls. When I sat down to represent it, I wanted to show that spot as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote in “The Song of Hiawatha”: “Where the Falls of Minnehaha Flash and Gleam among the oak trees, Laugh and leap into the Valley.” It was important to me that the Falls in my painting appeared to be laughing and leaping into the valley.

The framed print of the sunflower is also very personal to me. The original is an oil painting of a sunflower that grew beside my house on the Eastside of Saint Paul. Instead of seeing a flower that droops and casts its eye downward, I wanted my sunflower to stare proudly into the observer’s eyes and shine like the sun. And who doesn’t need to see some bright sunshine during these grey Minnesota winters?