90 Unique Minnesota Artists

The Art Shoppe’s mission is to provide a viable business place for local Minnesota artists to display and sell their work, gain business and marketing skills, and mentor and empower each other to increase artists’ exposure and income.  We promote opportunities for a diverse community of artists.

Featured Artist: Terra Rathai

Featured artist Terra Rathai has lived in Minneapolis for 25+ years and attended college & grad school at the U of M majoring in Art History and English.

While Terra had two college roommates who were avid photographers, she didn’t get started with photography until she was in her late thirties. Then, in 2010, Terra decided to commit to a 365 project, taking photographs every day and publishing them on her blog: avantgarden365. Terra believes that project changed her life.

Terra’s work is rooted in the act of seeing – discovering and revealing transcendence in the everyday stuff of the world. She sees her Art History training as a big influence on her perspective as it instilled close-looking skills as well as an open-minded understanding of what art can be.

Terra describes her creative process as one of contemplative observation, being present to the beauty that exists in the ordinary.

It’s about looking at things with a sense of wonder and paying attention.

Says Terra, “If I had to sum it up in four words, my artist statement would be:

‘Wow! Look at that!’”